7.7.3. HM Replacement Report Reports

Select HM Replacement Report from the report menu. This supports you in reviewing the order status for monitoring device replacements.

Click on View Report to see all monitoring device replacements in this report. If you want to narrow your search, select options from the filters.

In a list, use the CTRL or COMMAND key to select/deselect multiple items.

Click View Report to apply the filters. Results

The results are displayed in a table below the filters.

Export the report into the following formats:

  • PDF
  • MHTML (web archive) file
  • Excel
  • Word

Select the type then click on the Export link to download the file you selected.

The top section of the results area displays the total percentages of HM replacement statistics at this time:

  • Number of first time orders
  • Number of monitoring devices operational
  • Number pending
  • Number replaced

The report includes the following columns:

  • Clinic: Name of the clinic if you are able to see more than one clinic
  • Patient Name
  • Shipped To Address: patient's address for receiving the monitoring device
  • Status: monitoring device pairing status
    • Paired: The monitoring device has been paired with the patient's device
    • Pending: The monitoring device pairing has been requested but is not complete yet
    • Inactive: The monitoring device has not been paired with the patient's device
  • Date Requested: date and time the order was placed
  • # 1st Time Orders
  • # HMs Operational: number of normally operating monitoring devices
  • # Pending: number of monitoring device waiting to be paired
  • # Replaced: number of monitoring devices that have been replaced
  • Current HM Serial No.: patient's current monitoring device serial number