1.4. Technical description

The SmartView Remote Monitoring Software has a Web interface that can be accessed easily with little intervention from the medical center. Health care professionals need a computer with a standard web browser and an internet access allowing to reach to the SmartView Web site through standard Web protocols.

The system is optimized for the Windows operating system and the Web browsers described in System requirements.

Cookies and JavaScript are used by the RMS Web site. Instructions to enable cookies and JavaScript are provided in Browser instructions.

If the Healthcare professional's computer is connected through a managed IT network, the IT network must allow internet access connection to the SmartView Remote Monitoring Software Web interface URL. No additional requirement is needed. Data transfers are based on interface standards HTTP over TLS at least version 1.2.

1.4.1. Services

The "Data Sharing" feature which allows an EMR (Electronic Medical Record)/EHR (Electronic Health Record) to retrieve data from SmartView is based on a secured API that is reachable through a standard internet access with a REST API. The API specifications can be provided on request.

Among the available exchange formats of the API, it is recommended to use the XML file in the format CEN ISO/IEEE 11073 Health informatics - Medical / health device communication standards.