7.6. Follow Up Schedule



For implanted devices allowing wireless communication, the follow-up schedule will be downloaded into the monitoring device at home which will proceed to automatic interrogation of the implanted device at the scheduled dates.

For inductive only devices, the follow-up schedule is set for information only. It does not trigger any automated transmission.

In the clinic Schedule follow-up tab, you can set pre-defined recurring follow-up schedule plans and define which one of these will be used by default for the new patients enrolled in the Remote Monitoring System.

The table at the top of the page displays the list and characteristics of the schedule plans defined by the clinic administrator.

The clinic administrator can delete one of these schedule plans by clicking on the bin icon, followed by confirmation. All patients followed with this deleted schedule plan will keep the same scheduled follow-up dates, with a “Custom” schedule setting.

The clinic administrator can add a new schedule plan in the “Add/update schedule plan” section of the same page. To proceed:

  1. Enter the name you would like to give to the schedule plan.
  2. Define the schedule plan’s characteristics: recurrence in days, weeks or months, day of the week and week of the month for the schedule dates.
  3. Click on “Add/Update” to validate your schedule plan definition. The new schedule plan appears in the above table.

Similarly, the Clinic Administrator can modify an existing schedule plan. To proceed, you will first select the schedule plan you want to modify in the table, then modify the plan’s characteristics, then save your modifications with “Add/Update”.

NOTE: All updates to the recurring schedule plan will apply to the patients scheduled with this plan. These scheduled dates will automatically be recalculated with the new schedule plan settings.

In the “Schedule Plan used by Default” section of the same page, the Clinic Administrator defines which schedule plan should be applied to every new patient enrolled in SMARTVIEW Remote Monitoring website.

This Default schedule plan will be automatically applied for each new enrolled patient, with the first schedule date calculated from the date of enrollment according to the recurrence defined by the schedule plan.

There will be no schedule plan for each new patient enrolled. After the enrollment, the user has to set a schedule for each patient in the patient schedule page.