7.9. Data sharing This section is accessible to Clinic Administrators only.

Click on path: CLINIC > Data Sharing

The Smartview Data Sharing feature allows the user to export patient data from Smartview to other electronic patient data management solutions, which shall be compatible with the interface methods (OpenAPI) available with the Smartview Remote Monitoring System.

  • In order to create a new data sharing link, click on Create New Connector

NOTE: The Data Sharing feature must be activated in order to create a New Connector, otherwise the button will be greyed and inactive. In this case, contact MicroPort CRM support to activate this feature.

  • Once the MicroPort CRM support has activated the Data Sharing feature for the clinic, the Create New Connector button will become active.
  • After clicking on Create New Connector, fill in the Connector Name and set a password which will be used for the certificate file.
  • The next step consists in downloading the credentials certificate for the connector by clicking on the Download credentials button to download the certificate (“boc_certificates.pfx”). This file shall be transmitted, along with the password set at the creation of the connector, to the third-party data management officer who, by using it in a compatible software solution, will retrieve a six-digit PIN that shall be used to activate the connector.
  • Once this PIN is retrieved and made available by the data management officer, type it in the box beside the button Activate connector, then click on Activate connector. The connector will then become active.
  • On this page, when the connector is active, it is possible to change the name of the connector, stop the data sharing or renew the certificate.
  • If one or more connectors have already been created and activated for the pool of clinics managed by the Clinic Administrator, a button Reuse Existing Data Connector will be displayed. Click on this button to choose one of the existing (active) data connectors.