1.3. Login instructions

You can login to SMARTVIEW RMS using the user name created for you by your administrator. When your account was created, you received an email providing your user name and website link.

1.3.1. For all clinics

Select the language of the login page. Once you are logged in, the language will switch automatically to the language of the clinic.
User name
Enter your user name
Enter your password
Once you have filled in your user name and password, Click on the Login button.

You might be requested to enter an additional pincode if two-factor authentication with SMS is activated. In that case, you will receive a pincode by SMS after clicking on Login. Please enter this pincode in the new window and click on Validate.

Two-factor authentication with SMS will be requested if previous Two-factor authentication was requested more than 7 days ago. However, you can opt for "Two-factor authentication " at every log-in.

Forgot password?
After clicking on Forgot password? you will need to fill in your user name. A password reset message will then be sent to your email address. In order to proceed with password reset, click on the link in the email which will open your Web browser. You will then be requested to answer one of your password recovery questions. You will then be able to type a new password. 
Forgot user name?
Click on Forgot user name to recover your user name.
Revoke Two Factor Authentication
If authorized under your clinic's security policy, you can revoke two-factor authentication. This means that you will not be requested a second authentication via SMS. After clicking on the Revoke button, you will need to fill in your user name and a revocation message will be sent by email. Click on the revocation link in the email which will open your Web browser. You will be asked to answer one of your password recovery questions.

Once your two factor authentication is revoked, you will receive a confirmation email.

1.3.2. For French clinics only

If you are a French Healthcare professional registered with the National Health directory, you can use PRO SANTE CONNECT to login instead or your user name/password.

Click on PRO SANTE CONNECT button to be redirected to the login portal, allowing you to connect either with your CPS card or the e-CPS phone App.

If this is the first time you connect, you will be shown how to link your SMARTVIEW account to your Professional’s national identifier (your RPPS or ADELI number).