3.2. Transmission status For received transmissions (NEW TRANSMISSIONS, NEW EVENTS, NEW FOLLOW UPS)

A transmission was received and has not been completed. If the user opens a transmission, but does not change status to Complete or Pending, it will remain New.
A transmission has been viewed and given a pending status by the user. This often occurs when a user needs to gather more information and wants to indicate on the website that it is in the workflow in the clinic and wants to prevent another user from doing the same job twice.
A follow up has been reviewed and completed by a user.
A transmission with an alert has been escalated because it has not been viewed.
A scheduled transmission has not been processed yet either because the monitoring device has not been plugged in or the patient is not near the monitoring device. The system will keep trying to retrieve the scheduled transmission for up to three days. Please call the patient to ensure the monitoring device is plugged in. You may also check the monitoring device transmissions report in the Reports menu to see if the monitoring device is communicating with the system. Transmission Schedule

A patient is scheduled for a clinic visit. The system will not trigger any automatic data transmission.
A patient is scheduled for a remote transmission.