6.2.1. Patient Profile

Click on path: PATIENTS (All Patients) > Patient Name

The Patient Profile page provides quick access to all information regarding a patient. Select this patient profile page to update patient information.

To view explanations of the other tabs available in the patient profile, select from the following links: Patient Information For French clinics only

When the National Health Identity is used for the patient profile, the following message is displayed: “INS retrieved

Update information
After you click on Update information, the identity repository is checked again to retrieve the latest patient information.
In case of mismatch with the patient previously retrieved from the identity repository, you can search the repository again by clicking on Modify. After clicking on Modify, the search criteria will appear as presented in Enroll a Patient.

The following National Health Identity criteria are presented on the screen:

INS Number
The patient National Health Identity number and type
The patient’s gender
Place of birth Code
The place of birth INSEE code
Birth Last name
The patient last name at birth
First name
the patient’s first name
First names
the patient’s first names

When the National Health Identity is used for the patient profile, the following message is displayed: Patient enrolled with INS number

Retrieve INS
It is possible to retrieve the Patient INS as soon as the clinic is connected to an identity repository, either for patients enrolled without INS, or patients enrolled prior to the connection to the repository. Click on Retrieve INS and follow instructions from Enroll a Patient
NIR Number
Social security number (NIR). Enter the 15 digits of the NIR For clinics in all countries (including France)

*First Name
Required field. Enter the patient's first name. Up to 50 characters are allowed. This field is automatically filled in for French patient registered with INS.
*Last Name
Required field. Enter the patient's last name. Up to 50 characters are allowed. This field is automatically filled in for French patient registered with INS.
*Date of Birth
Required field. Select the patient's birth date from the pop-up calendar. This field is automatically filled in for French patient registered with INS.
Patient ID
You have the option to enter the Patient ID Number that you use in your local records system to allow you to search for the patient as you would on your system. Device Information

Click on Edit to make the fields for the device editable. When you save a new device, it will replace this device information on the patient's profile.
Shows the model and type of implanted medical device for this patient.
*Device Serial Number
Shows the device serial number.
*Implant Date
Shows the patient's implant date for this device.
Home Monitor Serial No. (SMARTVIEW™)
When the patient’s implanted device is paired with a monitoring device installed in their home, this field displays the monitoring device serial number. This number is retrieved from the monitoring device after the monitoring device and the implanted device are paired. This pairing is automatic and you cannot modify the monitoring device serial number.

For patients with implanted devices allowing wireless communication, once a monitor is paired, the following additional information is provided:

Last Monitor Connection Date
Shows the date of last occurrence of a connection of the monitor to the back-office (website).
Last Device Communication Date
Shows the date of last known occurrence of a communication between the implanted device and the monitor. Contact Information

Enter up to three lines of text (128 character limit).
Select the patient's country from the drop-down menu.
Select the patient's state or province from the drop-down menu.
Enter up to 30 characters.
*Zip/Postal Code
Enter the patient's zip/postal code up to 10 numbers.
*Phone Number
Enter the phone number according to the country format. You may use spaces, full stops, plus signs, brackets and dashes.
France format: nn.nn.nn.nn.nn
Germany format: nn nnn nnn nnn
Italy format: nn nnnnn nnn
Spain format: nnn.nnn.nnn
United Kingdom format: nnnnn nnnnnn
Austria format: nnnn nnnnnnnn
Switzerland format: nn nnn nnnn
Netherlands format: nnn nnnnnn
Portugal format: n nnnn nnnn
Norway format: n nnn nnnn
Sweden format: nnn nnnnnnnn
Belgium format: nn nnn nnn
Australia format: n nnnn nnnn
Japan format: nn nnn nnnn
Canada format: nnn nnn nnnn
Select the type of phone number from the drop-down menu: Home, Mobile
Enter the email address for this patient. Up to 256 characters are allowed. You may use "@" and "." along with letters and numbers. Alternate Contacts

Enter additional phone numbers for relatives and friends you may contact for this patient.

Select the type of contact: Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Friend Physician Information

Click on the Edit link to make the fields for physician and referral editable.
Primary Physician
Shows the primary physician for this patient along with their phone number.
Add Referral Physician:
Shows a (single or a list) referral physician for this patient along with their phone number.
You may add more than one referral by clicking the Add Referral button. Comments

Enter or modify comments about this patient's condition and treatment. Up to 500 characters are allowed. Actions

Transfer Patient
Clicking Transfer Patient will take you to the first step of the patient transfer process to review the patient’s information before selecting a clinic.
Clicking Cancel will revert back to the patient profile page without saving any changes.
Save Changes
Clicking Save Changes will save the patient record.
Delete Patient
Delete Patient is to be selected when you want to definitively remove the patient from the MicroPort SMARTVIEW™ remote monitoring solution. This functionality is only available to users with a Clinic Administrator role.
Clicking Delete Patient will open a new page to delete all patient information and transmissions from the SMARTVIEW™ remote monitoring solution.

NOTE: Patients may be deleted automatically by SmartView Remote Monitoring Software as well.

See CLINIC > Automatic Patient Deletion Delete Patient Page

Delete patient will permanently delete the patient from the MicroPort SMARTVIEW™ remote monitoring solution. All patient data, including patient profile and transmissions will be permanently erased and cannot be restored by any means.

Software disposal can be done by MicroPort CRM remotely.

Delete Patient Request
Select the reason to permanently delete the patient. Deleting a patient is usually the consequence of a patient no longer being monitored remotely, or following the request of a patient that his/her personal data be removed from the database.
In the latter case, the checkbox “written request received” is activated. Select this checkbox to confirm the patient formally requested the permanent removal of his/her personal data from MicroPort SMARTVIEW™ web servers.
After confirmation of the patient delete, all transmissions associated with this patient will be erased, as well as all other information related to this patient. Select the checkbox “Patient reports have already been downloaded” to confirm that the transmissions are archived outside of the SMARTVIEW™ remote monitoring solution and therefore can be deleted from SMARTVIEW™ servers.
Patient Information
Enter the patient name, date of birth and serial number of the implantable device. SMARTVIEW™ crosschecks this information before deleting the patient data.
Cancel: the patient delete process is aborted and cancelled. The user returns to the patient profile page.
Delete Patient: A confirmation message is displayed. If you select “Yes, delete”, all information related to this patient is definitively and irrevocably deleted from SMARTVIEW™ databases.