7.8. Clinic Profile

Click on path: CLINIC > Clinic Profile

This page shows the contact information for the clinic.

NOTE: If you want to add another clinic, contact your MicroPort sales representative and they will arrange to create another clinic for your system.

7.8.1. Clinic Information

* Clinic Account Name
Required field. The Clinic Admin can modify the clinic name.
* Address
Required field. Enter up to four lines of text (32 characters per line).
* Country
Required field. Select the clinic's country from the drop-down menu. Contact the Help Desk if you move your clinic to another country.
Select the clinic's state or province from the drop-down menu.
* City
Required field. Enter up to 50 characters.
* Zip/Postal Code
Required field. Enter the clinic's zip/postal code up to 10 alphanumeric characters.
* Phone Number
Required field. Enter the clinic's phone number according to your country format.
* Sales Rep Name
Enter the name of your MicroPort sales representative. Enter up to 50 characters
* Language
Select the language for your clinic's website.
* Time zone
Required field. Select the time zone for your clinic from the drop-down menu.
* Data Retention Period
Required field. The number of years the system will retain the data when patient information is deleted.
* Distribution Channel
Required field. Select the distribution channel that best fit your clinic. This information is used by the Help Desk for remote monitoring device distribution.
  • Ship-to-patient: when remote monitoring devices are shipped by MicroPort Help Desk to patients
  • Consignment: when remote monitoring devices are distributed by the clinic to patients
  • Hybrid / other: for hybrid situation or another situation For French clinics only

Check the “Include full INS in PDF reports” checkbox if you would like to get a full record of INS information in the transmission PDF report and the EGM reports. Otherwise the PDF report will contain just the essential INS fields.