6.2.5. Patient Follow Up Schedule

Click on path: PATIENTS (All Patients) > Patient Name > FOLLOW UP SCHEDULE

You can create a specific schedule for a patient that overrides any clinic default settings.

For implanted devices allowing wireless communication, this schedule will be downloaded to the monitoring device at home which will proceed to automatic interrogation of the implanted device at the scheduled dates.
For inductive only devices, this schedule is set for information only. It does not trigger any automated transmission.
For implanted devices allowing wireless communication, a high number of follow-ups will impact the implantable device longevity. The number of follow-ups should not exceed 30 occurrences per year to limit the impact. To monitor the impact, check the battery curve and battery information available in the “battery” section of the patient report. Follow Up Schedule

The patient's schedule is displayed in a list of specific dates. The list will show three lines and scroll if more dates are scheduled for the calendar year.

Click on the date in the list to modify the date in the edit fields below the list. The date may be highlighted in red to indicate that it was entered as an unavailable date for the patient.
In Clinic or Remote allows you to determine if a remote follow up is scheduled too close to a clinic follow up.
Data Stored in HM?
For implanted devices allowing wireless communication- It takes about one week for web scheduled dates to record in the patient's monitoring device. This indicates if the scheduled date is recorded. Note that the system will only record the first 30 dates in the monitoring device and will automatically record new dates as Follow ups are processed.
Select All
Select checkboxes for dates you want to remove from the schedule. Once selected, click Remove selected dates button. Add/Update Follow Up

Date: Click in the date field and enter a date or select a date from the calendar pop up.
Type: Select "Remote" or "In clinic" to indicate what kind of follow up.
Add/Update: Click on the Add/Update button to add the date to the list above.
Date: Click on the date in the list to modify the date in the edit fields below the list.
Type: Select "Remote" or "In clinic" to indicate what kind of follow up.
Add/Update: Click on the Add/Update button to save the updates to the list above. Recurring Remote Follow Up Schedule

You can use a clinic's recurring schedule plan, create a unique recurring schedule for this patient, or clear it to stop recurring schedules for this patient. Note that once a recurring schedule is set, the system will automatically make sure that at least 10 follow up dates are scheduled. As follow ups are processed, the system will automatically generate new dates as long as the recurrent feature is in place.

Enter up to 3 numbers and select the interval for receiving transmissions (Days, Weeks, Months).
Applies if you selected Months. Select the week you prefer (None, First, Second, Third, Fourth).
Selecting None and Month will trigger an error.
Select the day of the week you would like to receive scheduled transmissions (Any, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).
selecting Any and Month or Week will trigger an error.
Settings type
No recurring: all scheduled for this patient will be manually entered
Clinic schedule plan: the corresponding clinic schedule plan will apply for this patient
Custom settings: define a unique recurring schedule for this patient Time of Transmissions (Only applies to wireless communicating devices)

Normally, transmissions occur between Midnight and 5:00 AM.

If the patient has unusual working hours and needs to transmit during the day, you can set a time of day when the patient will be close to the monitoring device. Transmission Time of Day

Select from 00 - 12
Select from 00, 15, 45
Select for morning or evening hours
Enable day time follow up
Allows the schedule to be set for daytime hours. Actions for Recurring and Time Settings

Clicking on Cancel reloads the Patient Profile page without saving changes.
Saves the updates to the page. If a recurrent schedule has been modified, a popup window will warn the user that all existing recurring dates will be replaced by the new schedule, and will ask for confirmation to proceed.