6.5. Transfers In

Click on path: PATIENTS > Transfers In

View all patients that have been requested to transfer into your clinic by another clinic.

6.5.1. Patient Transfers In

Review the list of pending transfers to accept or reject the requested transfers.

Select Accept to create a new patient record in your clinic. The patient's transmission history will be included in the record. The patient’s previous follow up schedule will be imported but not active. You must go to the patient’s follow up schedule and apply the previous schedule or apply a new one.
Select Reject to deny the patient's transfer into your clinic. The requesting clinic will receive an email notification as well as see the status of your selection in their Transfers Out page.

The list includes

  • Select All: checkbox selects all patients in the pending list
    • Checkbox next to each patient selects that individual patient
  • Patient
  • DOB: Date of Birth
  • Patient Phone
  • Clinic
  • Clinic Phone
  • Date Requested: Date clinic made the transfer request
  • Referral: Referring Physician