3.1. All New Tachy Transmissions

This is the default page for the TACHY TRANSMISSIONS tab. You can click on either the tab item itself, or on ALL TACHY TRANSMISSIONS link.

Displays all events and follow up transmissions that are new, in progress, escalated, or pending. Once transmissions are completed, they are removed from this list.

3.1.1. Complete Review for Pending Follow Ups

Each transmission with a status of Pending or In progress will have an activated checkbox that allows you to select and complete it from this page. Completing a transmission with In progress status means that the transmission is not expected anymore. Once completed, the transmissions that were with Pending status, will no longer appear in this page but will be visible in the patient Transmission History pages of the corresponding patients.

3.1.2. Events

Click on the checkbox for a transmission with a Pending status to Complete Review for Pending Follow Ups for the corresponding follow ups.
This column indicates that the trigger of the transmission is either Patient Initiated, Scheduled, or Alert initiated.
This column shows the critical level of the alert. View alert conditions.
  • If the transmission contains at least one Critical alert that is not muted, the Alert column indicates Critical, or
  • If the transmission contains at least one Significant alert that is not muted, the Alert column indicates Significant, or
  • If the transmission contains only Muted alerts, the Alert column indicates Muted, or
  • There are no alerts the Alert column indicates None.
This column shows the name of the patient and their ID as they have been defined during the patient enrollment.
Click on the patient's name to access their profile.
Received Date/Time
This column indicates the date and the time the transmission was received by the system.
Click on the date to view the corresponding transmission details.
A brief description of the alert that triggered the transmission. The alerts are programmed using the MicroPort programmer.
This column shows the status of the transmission.
Bold indicates a NEW transmission.
This column shows the device model and type for this patient.
Implant Date
This column shows the implant date for this patient's device.
Next Follow Up
This column indicates the date of the next scheduled follow up. A heart icon indicates that the scheduled follow up is a remote follow up. A hospital icon indicates that the scheduled follow up will be in the clinic and will not trigger a remote transmission.
Click on the date to go to the patient's follow up schedule.
This column is displayed only if the Data Sharing feature is enabled for the clinic. If "Yes" is displayed, this means that the external electronic patient data management solution has acknowledged download of the transmission(s), otherwise the column will be empty.

3.1.3. Scheduled Follow Ups

In addition to the same information that is in the Events table, this list includes the name of the patient's physician.

This column indicates the name of the patient's physician.
Click on the name to access the physician's profile.

3.1.4. Missed follow-ups

The same information for transmissions is shown for Missed Follow Ups which corresponds to transmissions that are expected but not yet received. The Missed Follow Ups transmission status is displayed as In progress.

The transmission Date/Time corresponds to the due date of the transmission as planned in the Patient Follow-Up schedule.

See also: PATIENTS > Patient Follow-Up Schedule

See also: TACHY TRANSMISSIONS > Transmission status