1.5. Legal Manufacturer's Information


MicroPort CRM S.r.l.

Via Crescentino s.n.

13040 Saluggia (VC) - Italy

Contact details:

Tel: +39 0161 487095



Reference of this online help: O626Q

Last update: 2023-04


1.6. Explanation of symbols

General symbols Explanation of symbols
Consult instructions for use.
This symbol indicates that RMS is in full conformity with European MDR 2017/745.
manufacturer Manufacturer
Medical Device
REF Catalogue number
Batch code
serial number Product serial number
Unique Device Identifier
info This icon is used to call your attention to a particularly important point.
attention This icon alerts you to a hazard that may result in equipment damage or personal injury. Carefully read the instructions provided with this icon.