3.3. Transmission Report Types

3.3.1. Overview

Follow up transmissions arrive according to the schedule set for the clinic and patients.

For events, the implant applies automatic analysis of measured and recorded data to generate alerts in case specific conditions are met.

Events include:

  • Red (Critical) Alerts
  • Yellow (Significant) Alerts
  • PIT (Patient Initiated Transmissions)

The report type (alert, patient initiated transmission or follow up) does not affect the structure and content of the patient report.

3.3.2. Alert

Alerts are notifications of an event that has occurred according to the parameters programmed in a patient's device.

A patient initiated transmission or a follow up that contains an alert will also be displayed in the Events section of the NEW TRANSMISSIONS page and the NEW EVENTS page as an Alert.

3.3.3. Follow up

Follow ups are transmissions without alerts that are received according to the patient's schedule as set in the Patient Follow-up schedule page on the website.

3.3.4. Patient Initiated Transmissions

The patient pushes the button to send a manual transmission.

The settings to allow a patient to send a manual transmission are in the Patient Alert settings page on the website.